Awards for the national phase of ESC

Please refer to your national site of ESC to get all the information about assignments in the national phase of this competition:

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Awards for the European phase of ESC

The jury will declare one winner and the second and the third place per category. The jury can decide not to award any prize to the presented videos.

Each member and the tutor of the two winning teams of the European phase (categories A and B) will receive the following prizes:

  • A gift card (400 €).
  • A set of publications an promotional material from Eurostat
  • A winner diploma.

The award ceremony will take place in June 2019, exact date and place will be announced in due time. The expenses of the trip to the award ceremony and the accommodation there, for the tutors and the students of the winning teams, will be covered by the organizers of the ESC.

In case there are students under 18 in the winning team at the time of the trip to the ceremony, the tutor must act as an approved guardian of the minors of her / his team and will take full responsibility of the minor students during the whole trip.

In case of having two winning teams with the same tutor, the latter will only receive one prize.

Second and third teams along with the rest of the participating teams in the European phase will receive a diploma.

Publication of videos

The awarded videos or those that received mentions will be announced on, indicating the full names of their authors. By their participation in the European phase of the ESC the participants accept that their names are announced and allow the publication of their videos. They may at any time revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data derived from their participation in this contest, without prejudice to any other right that assists them, in accordance with the applicable law.

Videos must not infringe any third party copyright or trademark, or violate the rights of any person or entity. Teams need to be sure only use content in their video that they are authorized to use, including, without limitation, music, images, film clips and other intellectual property. All the materials presented at the European phase of the ESC may be published by the European Statistical System (ESS).